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introduction maybe made easier (hopefully)

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introduction maybe made easier (hopefully)

Post by cokeokola on Sun Nov 28, 2010 11:06 pm

Hey everyone i'm new to all this stuff so im not sure how to introduce myself in the right place so here goes!

rs name: cokeokola lvl 111
acheivements: im a bit of a quester and 71 prayer if u count that
life: no life lol
merching experiences: mostly with smaller clans and made a couple m here and there
shout outs: i think they should make the site a little easier to navigate for newcomers

Well that's it really. I don't know if you are confused, but if you are you can reply your introduction on this post so i wish you all good luck merching and that we all become filthy stinking rich! santa (times a billion)

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