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    introducing me :P

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    introducing me :P  Empty introducing me :P

    Post by iX 3L1T3 Xi on Mon Dec 20, 2010 9:35 am

    heya guys, my name is iX 3L1T3 Xi, but most of my friends call me kawz Smile haha i don't know where i got the elite from but i likes it Smile .. so anyways about me.. i love runescape, i've been playing for a while now, about 3 years. but i quit for about two years cause of university. i've been back now for about a month and have been keeping myself busy lone merching. i turned my failed 100k :/ into 3m Smile in only a few days. i used to be a member but am thinking about getting my membership renewed Very Happy as making 3m on a ftp server can prob be increased tenfold in a p2p world Smile as more items.

    i have been searching for a friendly clan that doesn't dump items in select groups but as clan. i have been in several clans were the select promoted individuals make off with profits while others suffer. hopefully this will be the clan that stops all this. So here i am Smile

    i can't wait to settled into this massive clan. it really is something.

    anyways thats all really Smile
    iX 3L1T3 Xi
    iX 3L1T3 Xi

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