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you dont want to miss this introduction Empty you dont want to miss this introduction

Post by spazy2 on Wed Apr 13, 2011 6:53 pm

Hey i dont like giving out my real name but my ingame name is spazy2.

My achievements thus far are combat lvl of 113. I currently have obtained 4 99 skills. and currently working on 99 smithing.

My goals as of now is to merch while i train my skills. Right now i plan on getting just about every skill that i can buy to 99.

Outside of runescape i am in the United States Air Force. I am an Airman First Class, and i am attached to a Satellite Communications squadron.

As far as in runescape i dont really talk to much, i usually have most of my chats set to "friends"

as far as merchanting experience i have dabbled here and there on a few things but my biggest accomplishment is just holding onto my phats and santas/masks since runescape classic. i have sold many over the years and i am down to only 2 phats atm, 1 yellow and 1 purple. i also have around 500M in cash and i would estimate around 1billion in items. not including the phats. If at all possible i would like to be put on an express track to join this merchanting guild. i have a lot of buying power, i tried to PM the clan leader and make a post but you require a certain ammount of posts to be able to do that.

well Money talks guys. i can sell just 1 item and have over 1.5 billion in buying power... so let me know what you think

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