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What Is 2Sec2win? Empty What Is 2Sec2win?

Post by 2Sec2Win on Sat Apr 23, 2011 4:12 pm

Hello Everyone. I am 2Sec2Win. If you don't already know what we are, please continue reading.

2Sec2Win is what I call a Public Investment, Private Item, Flip clan. That simply means - 2Sec2Win is open to any new members, you can please investments in 2Sec2Win, I use the items to flip a Private Item.

What Is an Investment?

An Investment is a Lump Sum of money you lend me, to let myself Flip with it

What is a Flip?

A Flip is a method of merching, in a Shorter Time Span - 8 hours


Q: Why Trust me with Your Money?

A: We have over 1,300 members, who have all have invested in us at some point in time. 2Sec2Win has been around for over 5 years. A merch clan that Fails, wouldn't be around that long? I also keep the clan unmuted. Anyone who is not happy, could, and would, express their feelings. I respect members, they respect me.

Q:How do i find out my total invest/how much i have made?

A:Simply go on our website, and click on "portal" at the top. Read the intro message, and click "Click here to track your investments."

Q:What happens if the item crashes?

A:There is no way for it to crash, as I have billions on reserve that I can personally pump in, to ensure we reach our goal. I hardly ever get over 1b personal cash invested.

Q:How long till my money doubles?

A:On average 12-14 days, as it is 5-7% profits / day

Testimonial By Exhale Jobs:

"For some of you may not think clans like us are "legit" but it is true...there are some merch clans that rip you off and dump early. with us no one in the clan sells the item other than dbow, she has everyone marked down onto an excel sheet to be organized.she marks down who gave her the money and how much. to prove how "legit" we are dbow takes 10% of your total and you keep 90%.This way dbow can make herself a profit for doing this. Some of you may think jagex will not allow you to merch, who ever you heard it from lied because of this statement that was released"

Statement by Mod Mark:

"Merch clans are, and will remain a part of the game" - Jmod Mark.

General Clan Information:

Profits given out: Well over 11.6b
People invested: 600++ Growing each Hour.

Thanks, and Enjoy Receiving Profits,


*Thank you Exhale Jobs for typing up some of the FAQ's*

Thanks -- DBOW

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