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What's up WFGE!?

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What's up WFGE!? Empty What's up WFGE!?

Post by Guest on Sun Apr 24, 2011 11:23 am

My name is Branded IRL name is Heath. Nice to be here. I am 21 years young! Smile And yes the default pic is me. I'm a stunner I know. Very Happy lol jk jk!

I been a long time RS player. I started back in late 02 shortly after RS2 was released that well all know as just normal RS today.
I'm new to WFGE but have been in the cc before back when it was ran by another player who sucked no offence. But from the looks of it the new Administration is better and the clan runs a lot SMOOTHER and is LEGIT so. Smile GJ!

Anyways. I hope to meet a lot of you and have a good ol' time. Feel free to hit me up in RS at anytime. I'm on a lot. <3 But lots of the time my Priv is off or on Friends only.

Again nice to be here, and hope to talk to you all soon.


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