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Ugh Typing is Over-Rated -.-"

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Ugh Typing is Over-Rated -.-" Empty Ugh Typing is Over-Rated -.-"

Post by Afk Tease on Wed Apr 27, 2011 10:28 pm

Well, my IRL name is: Josh. Please call by that me that because I am going to change my name every chance i get. My current RS name is: Legit Habit. Add Me, whatever, I more than likely won't respond to Non-Staff players because I want to keep my friends list small and simple. Jeez, I am abit all over the place with this. (ADHD ftw?)

Focus Josh come on now! Okay before I end up telling you my whole life story in my introduction.
-Small amount of flipping experience.(very small)-like dick- SHUT UP!!!
-As I said, Legit Habit *<--will change soon* is current name.

Uhh, I completely forgot where I was going with this. Suspect
Afk Tease
Afk Tease

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