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OS Snowy Introduction :)

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OS Snowy Introduction :) Empty OS Snowy Introduction :)

Post by OS Snowy on Fri Feb 14, 2014 11:46 pm

My ingame name is OS Snowy, and some of my achievements in game are mhmm i've managed to get my barrow gloves since 2nd week of release, and after quitting back in march i come back beginning of december and have made enough for sgs, bandos, guthans and a few other bits that i can use for slaying whenever i'm not bank standing Smile

Currently i don't have many goals in runescape since i have lost a lot of motivation from a few friends quitting so i dont tend to speak to many people atm. If i had to have a goal, it would be to finish my slayer set off, which means getting a dfs and zamorakian hasta :)Once i achieve this set i plan on doing giveaways to people who have respected me in my time of playing.

Im 19 years old and live in the UK, and have done quite a lot of things from games design, to photography at college, to a little bit of roofing but currently i'm just runescaping it whilst i don't have any work Smile

I have a small ammount of experience with merchanting, but nothing professional. I am able to flip a few mil over the course of a few hours.

Overall i want to get to know some people, and not have to worry about people being immature, i can have a good laugh but people know when they take things to far Smile

Shout outs to '2sec2win' for recruiting me at Varrock west bank where i tend to be 99% of my time playing runescape Wink
OS Snowy
OS Snowy

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OS Snowy Introduction :) Empty Re: OS Snowy Introduction :)

Post by Heip Wanted on Fri Feb 14, 2014 11:58 pm

Welcome OS be active check site out! If you have any concerns or questions Pm staff or post in forums thanks for joining! try your luck in our gambling section!
Heip Wanted
Heip Wanted

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