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2sec2win Introduction :)  Empty 2sec2win Introduction :)

Post by 2sec2win Owner on Sat Feb 15, 2014 10:30 pm

Hello everyone!

I am 2Sec2Win, your trusted owner! I have quite a long history of playing, but I will sum it up shortly. I will also provide you a few details about my personal life! Let's start with my Runescape life though!

I started playing back in '03 or '04, before many of you were old enough to use a computer! When I played, there weren't many others in game. Everybody did their own thing and fended for themselves. I met a few people, who turned into so far, life long friends. We would share supplies and team kill monsters.

One of my good friends and I started to think... Why wasn't there a neat, organized place to buy, sell, trade, or share items? We gave it some thought, scoped out locations, and came up with the ideal location: Falador Park. Now many of you may not remember doing business there, like buying and selling, or trying to make a buck flipping, but if you do, I may have seen you. I was always hanging around in my Third-Age and Blue partyhat, near the bank. I am not a big slayer, skiller, or staker.. I've always been more intrigued with the economics aspect of Runescape, so I have been fortunate enough to accumulate my wealth through flipping and merching.

In 2006, I founded what was the first merch clan. It started off with me and about 11 friends, but grew very rapidly. We became private, and dominated the market. When the Grand Exchange was released, we created a new clan name and opened to the public. We had some great merches, which included a +1,451% merch (Rune Nails), a +1,129% merch (Strange Fruits), and various other outstanding merches.

Through merching utilizing the Grand Exchange, I was able to acquire over 56 Billion GPs. I decided it was plenty good for myself, so I went off and started enjoying myself, handing off the clan chat to a close friend. Unfortunately, my friend didn't have what it takes to manage 7 clan chats, so eventually, the clan temporarily went under. Not too long after Christmas of 2010, I recovered my old clan, and revived it again, with a new business model.

My friend believed in buying up the item early, solo-merching it 200-300%, then releasing the item on the public, and slowly selling the billions he had, sticking the public with the crashing item. It disgusted me, so I created what we are today.

Today, we exist as a Private Investment Clan. I act like a bank, giving out "dividends" to our investors. These daily dividends are usually in the amount of 5 percent, but range up to 7 percent, if we have a good day of moneymaking. Everyone always asks how I make my money, or how to make money, but I've only ever became good with merching. In this current clan, my team and I handle all the money, and do all the work associated with merching. We will handle an item, create an upward exertion of demand in the market, and the price will rise. We will then work hard to sell the item, reassuring a successful flip or merch. Our 600+ investors have caused us to become overwhelmed yet enthused, so we are currently private. They are very impressed we are able to deliver doubled profits in 12-14 days!

Not only am I busy with investments, many of you are away I opened up my personal clan chat to be a socializing clan chat! I am very excited to have a growing fan-base! You guys are great Smile. I am excited to share some of the daily profits I make with you, and hopefully one day, your hopes and dreams in Runescape will come true Smile.

This is getting a bit lengthy, so I'll quickly sum up my real life:

I am too old for an age, but I have a wife, no children, a lovely house, and job. I work part time for Merrill Lynch as a private stock analyst. Basically, they hire me to help determine where I should invest their clients' money. I give them my ideas, and they forward that on to their brokers nation-wide, which then aid in the investing at a micro-economic level.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me in game @ 2sec2win.

Thanks for bearing through this long, lengthy introduction, and I hope to see you all in my clan chat!
2sec2win Owner
2sec2win Owner

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2sec2win Introduction :)  Empty Re: 2sec2win Introduction :)

Post by Apaec on Sun Feb 16, 2014 5:00 am

You forgot to mention how generous you are.

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