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What Does "Investing" Mean?

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What Does "Investing" Mean?

Post by 2sec2win Owner on Mon Feb 17, 2014 3:52 pm

Hello, and welcome to the forums! Please read on if you are curious about investing! I will attempt to clarify any confusion you have!

As you peruse around the forums, I am sure you have somehow concluded I am involved with "Investing." But what is investing?

I have a post under the "Welcome" section that briefly explains what we do. I will go into greater detail here, highlighting everything needed to know before you decide whether or not to invest.


To start, as some of you know, I run my investment clan. It was started a few years ago, in pre-eoc. When we opened to the public for the first time, there was such a rush. People were curious and wanted to try out the clan. We soon became overwhelmed due to the fast pace of new investors, so we privatized at 600 members.

What is "Investments?"

Simple Version:

I operate like a bank or a corporation, accepting public investments, and in return, I pay out "dividends" or "daily profits" for "letting me use your money." In another words, your investment is used by my team to generate profits through:
1) Flipping - buying an item low, selling higher, usually over the period of one to three days
2) Longterm Merching - stocking up or hoarding an item, owning the majority of the supply, which causes an upward exertion of demand, resulting in profits. These span one to two weeks, sometimes larger. One memorable merch in OSRS was Armadyl Crossbows. We merched them from 12M-21M.
3) Staker Bank Buyouts - to exemplify this, pretend a staker has a 5b bank, 2b of which is cash. If that staker is cleaned, s/he needs money, so we offer buyout services. We will send an agent to buy all of their items, sometimes 50-80 inventories of items, but we seriously underpay. Instead of them spending hours selling on Zybez, we pay purchase their banks for 20-35% below normal prices. The items we purchase will stack on items from previous buyouts, and we take the time to list.

Detailed Version:

Profits are generated through the three previously mentioned techniques. To go into more detail about each one, please read on:

1) Flipping - we have a majority of mule accounts (mule = secret, safe, non associated account)  managed by assistants who are constantly flipping primarily Godwars or Barrows items, or potions. These mules make an average of 7-18% per flip and total, each can conduct about 200-300 flips per day, depending on the trade activity.

For instance, one mule may purchase prayer potions (4) for 9,000 or 10,000 each, and after it has 500M-1B invested, we will turn around and resell for 12-14K each, on Zybez or in specific worlds. Pretend Mule A has 1B. It purchases Prayer Potion (4)s for 10K each, and buys 100K. That Mule A would then relist for 13K each, resulting in 300M profit. Of course, it is a process and trades are not guaranteed, which is why we have many other methods of money making.

2) Merching - Merching is much easier, as we just constantly buy the item. We select items which do not have a fast entrance rate into the game, so we can easily hold the major percentage of trade market for the specific item. By doing so, we basically create a monopoly, and when we begin to sell, we can set the price. The example listed previously mentioned Armadyl Crossbows. We bought roughly 675 for roughly 8.21B. After a period of time, we started selling for 23M each, and eventually sold our last one for 21M each, bringing in around 15B, a profit of nearly 6.8B.

3) Staker Bank Buyouts - not every staker gets cleaned, and when they do, not every staker has 3B in items to sell us. This is why many of our investors are actually stakers. We have assistants who drum up imaginary "contracts" with as many stakers as they can. They explain our clan, and when we were previously opened, the stakers utilized us as a safety net. A lot of the buyouts we do generally range from 70-300M, with a few larger ones. One of the notable ones our clan was behind was buying out Mystery Book. He had quite a bit in 3rd Age items, so we bought him out, and he got back to staking. Unfortunately, he was cleaned soon after.


A Few Additional Details:

- Investors PM me to invest. NEVER give your money to anyone else!
- Investors are given a number upon investing. They are required to remember that number.
- PINs can be purchased at the time of an investment. I can only cash out the name who invests otherwise. If you forget your number, change your name and do not tell me, or are banned, I cannot refund your money, if you didn't purchase a PIN. If you do purchase a PIN, and forget it, you are also out of luck.
- Referral Bonuses exist for recruiting friends. You can recruit as many friends as you want. You will be given 10% of what they invest, added to your investment.
- Profits are added to your investment daily. You are given 5-7% profits / day automatically.
- You PM me with your number anytime you want to do a transaction. That includes cashing out or adding money.
- It takes generally 12-14 days to double an investment.
- I charge 10% commission for doing the work. So if you start with 100M, and want to cash out when your balance is 200M, you will get 190M back.
- This is not overnight profits. If you are unhappy with what I offer, do not invest. I don't force anyone to invest.
- YOU are in charge. This is YOUR account. You can ALWAYS cash out or add more, as you please.
- Items are accepted. You tell me what it's worth. I put a memo in to an assistant, and they attempt to sell the item for your listed value. If they are unable to do so, you will receive that item back when you cash out.
- We have one EOC broker, so EOC investments are accepted. EOC investments can also be cashed out in 07, and vice-versa. We use a 1:15 ratio for exchanges.
- Flips end at 8 P.M. eastern, so if you cash out before then, you will receive the previous day's profit.
- Investments are tracked on a Google Document Spreadsheet. We KNOW who invests and who DOESN'T. Do not try to troll or scam us. We've been around and have 100% organized security.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions, please let me know! I hope to soon see you in the clan chat as an investor! All investors will start at a 'recruit' rank, and can earn promotions!

Remember to PM me to invest!

Yours Truly,

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