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Softo's Introduction!:)

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Softo's Introduction!:) Empty Softo's Introduction!:)

Post by Softly on Fri Mar 07, 2014 6:46 pm

Hello, My name is Timo inreal, but my mates calls me Teemo from the stupid game LOL so now im stuck with that.
I have played runescape for maybe 4-5 years with alot of breaks. In freetime I do a bit of Java coding, and C#
I study Programming and have done that for 2 years... Really lame-.- And I have also hosted 2 Private Servers,
the first Private Server SadlyScape went really well, had around 200players online and so on.. the secound one is still up
but not under construction or being worked on... just can't be bothered doing more programming.

I have a few experiances in merching I use to play blackjack alot "don't know if that counts" also I have done binary codes with real money
so i'm pretty well handed with merching.

My current goals for runescape is to achieve 99 Thieving, and maybe get 99 Magic when i bother doing it:)
I don't really have any strong goals right now becouse im tired of training skills.

I registered here, to get tips how to invest the best, and yeah thats pretty much it:)

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