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Post by 2sec2win Owner on Wed Aug 18, 2010 10:36 pm

Hello everyone and welcome to the forums,

We have had a few issues setting up forums for the popular 2Sec2Win merchanting clan but they're finally here! If you're new to 2Sec2Win, please check out the forums and join our clan chat in-game of the same name. We are a long standing and reputable merchanting clan that has helped many members invest their money. This is a members only merchanting clan. Any runescape members are free to join!

If you'd like a rank you can now apply under the 'Apply For a Rank' category on the forums now. All submissions will be reviewed but only a select few will be admitted. Ranks are required to help with the cc in any way they can and receive a few benefits for doing so. Also, if you'd like to show your support by donating to the forums please check out the donation link at the bottom. We're currently in need of $16 in order to secure a more appropriate forum URL. All donators will be given a special category on the forums and access to the early item announcement thread!

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