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Post by Fire Afrit on Mon Sep 13, 2010 11:44 pm

Everybody likes to play the cool dude by bending the rules but these ones are the minimum to maintain civility on the forums. They should be intuitive but if you have a question regarding the rules, check here!
The rules are subject to change without notice if we feel another one is needed.

The Rules

1. Racism, Threats of Violence/Abuse, Personal attacks and Overtly Malicious remarks are not allowed. We believe in the freedom of speech but this sort of post will be deleted.

2. No Graphic Content (overt violence/gore, pornography, racism). Although I am personally not against gore and pornographic images in general, it is not acceptable for this site. In a more perfect world, pornographic images wouldn't be so stigmatized...

3. No posting links or redirecting members to Malicious/Explicit Sites.

4. No talking about or doing anything illegal (as pertains to your region, for example: You can ask your friend if they will be joining you for beer in Germany at 16 but not in the US)

5. No encouraging others to break the rules. Everyone involved may be reprehended.

6. No Scamming.

7. No Spamming.

8. No Real World Trading (exchange of electronic goods/services for real world currency).

9. No collaborating with other to artificially gain reputation. Reputation is only an indicator and we also look at how contributive your posts are, so there is not point in doing this.

10. Do not make multiple accounts or share accounts. All involved accounts will be banned.

11. No Plagiarism! If you use another source, especially if it is copyrighted, then you must provide links to that source and credit them.

12. All Guides are Copyright © 2sec2win Official Merchanting forum, 2010+; All Rights Reserved. All Guides submitted to 2sec2win forum become property of 2sec2win. Use on any other website without the author's permission is strictly prohibited.


Any Moderator or Administer may Kick, Ban, or IP-Ban any user that breaks any of the above rules, with or without notification and at any time. The moderator or administer will usually tell you the rule that was violated. If you continue to break the rules and do not heed our warnings, further action will be taken. There will not always been moderators or administers available to supervise the forums at all times, and in the event that someone breaks a rule you should notify a moderator or administer immediately. We will do our best to keep these forums civil and clean and hope you will to!

Thanks for being a part of 2sec2win
~2sec2win team

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