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Hey there.

Post by Halo3owns on Fri Nov 26, 2010 1:20 pm

Runescape Name: Spyder69

Current Goal: Reach 200million Gold from Merching + Slaying.

Current Stats:

I want to reach 99 slayer within a month as well, but I really want to make my account rich.

Current Wealth: 17mill.

Current Life Outside of Rs:
Age: 17
School: Senior in HS
Plans for After HS: Joined the U.S ARMY on August 23rd, 2010.
MOS: 19D, 40th Option, 18X.

Job: Cavalry Scout
I ship out to Basic training June 25th, 2011.
I go to Airborne school shortly after basic training.

I enjoy working out, I run Track and Cross country year long.

-Merchanting Experience:
I have little to none. Been playing for 8+ years, and have never honestly merched seriously before.

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Runescape Name : Spyder69
Age : 25

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