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Simply Peter - Ohi Empty Simply Peter - Ohi

Post by Simply Peter on Wed Dec 01, 2010 6:39 pm

Hey everyone.

I'm Simpy Peter. I've been playing for about 6 years. I am level 121 with a total level of 1981. I have 99 construction, fletching, and woodcutting. Nothing too flashy.

I have about 200M total (items + cash). I merched for about 9 months with a rival merch clan - that was a good waste of time.

As far as IRL goes - well, that's not that important Razz
Simply Peter
Simply Peter

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Simply Peter - Ohi Empty Re: Simply Peter - Ohi

Post by no1here1 on Thu Dec 02, 2010 6:06 am

Sup peter, nice acc

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